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Nordana Line´s service started in 1957, dedicated to providing innovative and individual shipping solutions. With specialized tonnage, Nordana Line is recognized as a specialty carrier, able to accommodate our customers´ varying needs for cargo handling, reliability and port calls.

Nordana line serves the trade between Mediterranean ports to the Caribbean, Central America, Mexico and US and also the trade between US and west Africa. The Project Division operates its own modern fleet of specialized project ships worldwide, as well as managing chartered tonnage for full flexibility in lifting any cargo challenge.

Today Nordana operates close to 30 vessels in the Liner and Chartering Divisions that carry Rolling stock, containers, conventional cargo, heavy lift cargo, overdimensional and sensitive cargoes. With a total of 4 multi-purpose RoRo vessels in the Americas Mediterranean service, Nordana is covering every corner of the Mediterranean Sea with its unique Liner service.

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